Legal Practice Areas Supported by LexCharge

Legal Practice Areas Supported by LexCharge

LexCharge truly understands the billing needs for law firms across different practice areas. Our credit card processing and e-check support works seamlessly with your hourly, flat fee, or alternative fee arrangement (AFA) needs.

Here are just some of the fields we specialize in:

Family Law

Family lawyers typically bill predominantly through hourly time increments. Plus, many firms begin the client relationship with a retainer. For these reasons, it is critical for family law firms to work with a payment processor that understands trust and operating accounts. Fortunately, that’s LexCharge’s specialty.
Our technology partners at Rocket Matter help support common billing structures for family law, including the ability to generate evergreen retainers, set different billable rates for different clients, and to quickly generate all of your invoices at once.

Business Litigation and Corporate Law

The world of business litigation is very flexible. While many corporate lawyers are hourly billers, this area of law is seeing the largest growth in AFA’s, which are demanded by savvy business clients.

Retainers are also a large part of business law, and they are supported by LexCharge’s robust handling and understanding of both trust and operating payment processing.

Through Rocket Matter, LexCharge’s customers will enjoy support for common AFA’s, including payment plans and recurring billing. Whether you’re a sole practitioner or a larger firm, your financial administrators will be able to set and forget your billing. No paperwork required!

Real Estate Law

Real estate lawyers tend to do a lot of flat fee work, and credit cards and e-checks are perfect for property closings and other high-volume, routine, and predictable matters. You’ll see a reduction in both the amount of paperwork you have to deal with and your collection times.

When the occasion arises for less predictable, hourly billing work, LexCharge’s flexible trust and operating account configurations will cover all your payment needs.

Criminal Defense

From a billing perspective, criminal defense is often the envy of other practice areas as the upfront fees make revenue predictable. However, in many cases, clients are limited in what they can afford.

Accepting credit cards helps this situation, especially when combined with the payment plan functionality offered by our technology partner, Rocket Matter. With this powerful combination, you can agree on a fee with your client and allow them to pay it off overtime—automatically. There’s no chasing down payments or paperwork on your part.

LexCharge also provides payment processing for the following legal practice areas:

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Animal Law

  • Appellate Law

  • Civil Rights

  • Construction Litigation

  • Consumer Law

  • Creditor Debtor Rights

  • Elder Law

  • Employment & Labor

  • Energy & Natural Resources

  • Entertainment & Sports

  • Environmental Litigation

  • Estate & Trust Litigation

  • Estate Planning & Probate

  • Franchise/Dealership

  • Immigration

  • Insurance Defense

  • Intellectual Property

  • Lobbying

  • Media and Advertising

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Military/Veterans Law

  • Native American Law

  • Professional Liability

  • Schools & Education

  • Securities & Corporate Finance

  • Social Security Disability

  • Tax Law

  • Technology Transactions

  • Transportation / Traffic Tickets

  • Utilities

Start Saving Now!

If you’re like many law firms, you receive your monthly statements from your payment processor that are impossible to understand. To understand your fees, LexCharge will perform a Free Cost Comparison and quantify your monthly and annual savings from your existing processor. We guarantee to reduce your fees and help increase your firm’s bottom line profitability. To truly understand your fees, contact us today!