legal payment processing must change

Legal Payment Processing Must Change

LexCharge CEO Jeff Shavitz shares why “Legal Payment Processing Must Change” in a recent ABA Law Practice article.  It’s obvious that the world of payments is changing rapidly. And for law firms that have been set in their ways for years, demanding

rocket matter lexcharge

Rocket Matter CEO Helps Launch Legal-Focused

*Originally published by Robert Ambrogi on his LawSites blog. [Clarification: Although this post described LexCharge as having “spun off” from Rocket Matter, I did not mean to suggest that the company was formed within Rocket Matter and then sold off

get your foot in the door

15 Unorthodox Ways to Get Your Foot In the

LexCharge CEO Jeff Shavitz shares “15 Unorthodox Ways to Get Your Foot In the Door” in a recent Entrepreneur magazine article.  Sales is hard work, and the marketplace is competitive. You must differentiate yourself and your company from all the competition. Your initial

the hidden fees of credit card processing

The Hidden Fees of Credit Card Processing

*Originally published on the American Bar Association’s Law Technology Today If you signed up for credit card processing, you’ve probably stared at your statement in bewilderment.  “This seems more expensive than I thought it would be,” you might have thought