Payment Processing Without the Hidden Fees

Experts in IOLTA Trust Accounting Rules

LexCharge specializes in payment processing for law firms, which means we walk you through IOLTA trust account considerations and help automate collections with recurring and online payments.

Law firms have serious concerns when it comes to accepting payments. Our payment processing solution ensures that no processing fees will ever come out of your trust account.

Why Pay More?

The Bad News

Your firm is paying more for your credit card processing
than you might realize.

The Good News

Your firm will start saving money immediately
by switching to LexCharge.

Don’t get pulled in by a low rate or a simple chart of flat-rate pricing. The reality is that there are more than 300 different rates depending on the card your client presents. Do you know how to identify your hidden costs and fees? Did you realize that your firm is charged higher rates for reward and corporate cards?

Start Saving Now!

If you’re like many law firms, you receive your monthly statements from your payment processor that are impossible to understand. To understand your fees, LexCharge will perform a Free Cost Comparison and quantify your monthly and annual savings from your existing processor. We guarantee to reduce your fees and help increase your firm’s bottom line profitability. To truly understand your fees, contact us today!

The LexCharge Advantage

Go with the company that truly understands the needs of lawyers and offers the best rates in the business.  We offer The LexCharge Advantage:

  • Save money on processing fees

  • Unparalleled law firm business expertise and payment processing experience

  • Superior technology and security